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The Top 5 Questions People Ask About Rithm School

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Mar 21, 2022

Taking the dive into a coding bootcamp is a big commitment, and it’s important that you have all the information available to you before you decide whether it’s right for you. At Rithm School, we take the time to talk to each individual prospective student so that you can put a human face to our team and learn about the people who you’ll be working with. That process begins with admissions calls, where you’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions about our program that you might have. While every call is different, there are common questions that you may have when beginning your bootcamp search.


What is the cost and time commitment? How can I pay for the course?

Our course is 16 weeks long and costs $24,000. We offer several ways to pay for the course in order to make it as accessible as possible. All students must pay a $1,000 deposit to hold their spot in the course. After that, you can choose to pay upfront in either one or two installments, pay using a loan from our partners at Ascent, or pay using an income share agreement that guarantees you will only begin payments after you’ve found a job paying at least $60,000. You can learn more about tuition payment options here. Scholarships are also available.


How is the course structured? What is the student to instructor ratio? 

The first 12 weeks of our classes are divided into lectures, pair programming, and labs. After that, students spend 3 weeks completing professional projects, during which they will work for real companies in live codebases. The last week of the course focuses on career support, ensuring that you know how to build an effective resume, ace interviews, negotiate your salary, and more. With a 6:1 ratio of students to instructors and classes capped at just 18 students, you’re sure to get all the individualized attention you need to be successful. You can learn more about our career support here.


How much time will I spend working each day?

While many bootcamps require their students to work 12+ hour days, we know how important it is to avoid burnout and respect our students’ personal time. Long working days put a strain on our students and instructors, and exhausted students don’t learn the material as well anyway. Because of this, our classes run from just 9 am to 6 pm.


What are the prerequisites?

Unlike other bootcamps, our program is not designed to take you from 0 to 100–rather, we like to say we’ll take you from 20 to 120! We require our students to have a baseline of skills before they enter the program, and offer a JavaScript Fundamentals class and Private Prep course to help them get there. Once a candidate passes an interview, there are a few small coding projects to build and some JavaScript problems to solve, using the skills gained from the free courses. Our admissions process is selective because we truly want you to succeed, and it shows in our numbers–our graduation rate is well over 90%.


What makes you different from any other bootcamp?

We offer small class sizes taught by instructors who are not just software engineers, but also have backgrounds in education. We are also agile and able to adapt our curriculum when necessary to include the most in-demand skills that employers are looking for. Lastly, your success is our success, which is why we offer career counseling not just during the course, but even once you’ve graduated.

Whether your journey to becoming a software engineer leads you to Rithm or not, the questions above are important to consider for any bootcamp. Attending a bootcamp is an investment in your future, and you deserve to have all the facts before choosing which is best for you. If you are ready to learn more about joining Rithm School, schedule your call today!

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