After 7 successful years teaching full stack web development, Rithm School has decided to close and won’t have any future cohorts. View FAQs

Setting the Bar for Coding Excellence

From our 1:1 advisory program to daily code reviews, we set the bar higher than other coding bootcamps.

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Graduates hired on avg. $103,000+

From small class sizes to hands-on company projects, Rithm School graduates say choosing Rithm was the best choice they ever made. 

17 weeks,
20 students, 99% graduation rate.

Rithm School Coding Bootcamp

20 students at most, 4 teachers per cohort. You’ll never have to wait to have your questions answered at Rithm.

At Rithm, we’re invested in you and your future career. That’s why we offer several flexible options for paying your tuition.

Learn from instructors who are just as passionate about helping you learn as they are about their technical skills.

Switch to a career where you can build things you love and get paid well doing it. 

We don’t just teach you how to code, we help you think and make decisions like a software engineer.

Our well thought out curriculum distills the most important things you need to know to launch your career as a software engineer.

When are the next starting dates?

As a high caliber bootcamp, we recommend at least 3 months of consistent studying in order to prepare for the Rithm School curriculum. Check out the next starting dates to apply and plan ahead.

At Rithm, we do things that other coding bootcamps don’t

Rithm School

Other Bootcamps

Through daily code reviews, you’ll learn how to write clean, testable code that’s applicable to the industry. 

At Rithm School, you’ll gain exposure to real-world projects that other coding bootcamp grads won’t have. 

We don’t just want you to finish Rithm School, we want you to thrive after it. That’s why we spend the last four weeks of every program preparing you for your next role. 

At Rithm School, we have high standards. We are proud of our 99% graduate rate! Unlike other coding bootcamps, we only accept a small number of talented students each term. We’ve set a high technical bar for admission into our program to ensure students are fully prepared for the rigorous program ahead.

We help you succeed in and after coding bootcamp

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Grads Placed in 6 Months

This data is collected from students who graduated in the second half of 2022. While our typical 6 month placement rate is generally around 85%, this data reflects a changing job market in which the job search is taking longer. However, we are committed to transparency in our outcomes numbers, and want to provide honest information for prospective students to consider as they decide if we’re the right fit for them. This is why we abide by TRACE standards, which highlight clarity in reporting without gamification, and complete a third-party audit to verify reporting. You can learn more about how we collect, measure, and audit our data below.

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