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Not sure if you’re quite ready to apply to Rithm School yet? Here are a few great, free resources to help you prepare.

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From our online JavaScript Fundamentals course to our live 2-week Private Prep, we have created a lot of free resources to help you learn!

We’re proud of our ethical admissions, and won’t let you into Rithm School if your coding skills aren’t quite there yet.

From Private Prep to graduation, everything we do at Rithm School is centered around helping you succeed long after you leave the classroom.

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Join us to learn more about the instructors, curriculum, and culture at Rithm School! Come with your questions about our full-time web development course and meet some of our veteran team members.

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Looking to learn some web development skills on your own? We love that. Here are a few resources to guide you through a handful of computer programming topics.

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Private Prep is a free taste of the Rithm experience: rigorous learning combined with a friendly and supportive community, in the span of just 2 weeks. It’s remote, it’s valuable, and it’s free!

Take a Real-World Approach to Becoming a Software Engineer

At Rithm School, we take your software engineering career personally. That’s why we make sure our approach is as hands-on and real-world as possible. We want to make sure that when you graduate, you’ll be ready to land a job at the top companies in the country. And not just any job, but a career you’ll be excited to wake up to every day.

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