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Get Real World Experience
at Rithm

We know that being a professional software engineer encompasses much more than what you can learn from a textbook or instructor. That’s why at Rithm School, we pair you with Bay Area tech companies to give you hands-on experience with real-world projects!

Get hands-on experience with professional engineers

During bootcamp, you’ll work alongside veteran professional engineers to see what life will really be like after Rithm School!

We partner with professional engineering teams to give you invaluable real-world experience during your time with us. This also helps our partner companies execute important projects and product updates.

Professional Project Example with Foqal

Rithm School students recently collaborated with Foqal on the development of several new features that have greatly enhanced user experience. Here’s an example of what you will work on as a Rithm School student:

Foqal professional project

Canned Answers

With the help of Rithm School students, Foqal can now easily insert pre-written text responses to customer questions or requests. These canned responses are designed to provide quick and efficient answers to common questions or issues that users may encounter.

Group Unreads

Additionally, they worked on improving the Group Unread feature. Previously when grouping tickets, the minimize group feature would expand to all groups when you received a new message. Now, even when grouped, you can see the indicator to tell you which group is the minimized one.


Finally, in addition to implementing these two features, Rithm school students found and fixed many issues that had been driving the Foqal crazy in the past. 

A few companies we have worked with



Groupmuse gathers professional classical musicians to play intimate house concerts all over the country. They operate in several cities across the United States, and have been featured in Forbes, Wired, Time, and the Wall Street Journal. Students at Rithm have helped build a mobile application in React Native from scratch!


Course Report

Course Report is a directory and review site for coding bootcamps around the world. It helps people find programs they’re interested in, and choose from different schools based on many different factors. Students at Rithm have helped develop and test a number of features in this large Ruby on Rails codebase.


UCSF Band Lab

The UCSF Band Lab is working on a web application to help perform mental health assessments for patients. Students at Rithm have built this project from scratch, using technologies like Flask, React, Redux, and several third party APIs.



Tunelark makes educational games that help people improve their music skills. They’ve developed a variety of games to help teach different music concepts, from ear training to sight reading. Students at Rithm have contributed a number of features, including the development of a new game and displaying gameplay analytics for users.



EveryTeam is a modern repository that connects and organizes all your team’s shared content, built by a team of former GitHub executives and engineers. Students at Rithm worked to build an embedded drag and drop feature using React and Draft.js. Their tech stack includes GraphQL, Go, Postgres and React.


The Relish

The Relish is a digital sports TV network targeted at millennial female fans and a fellow Slow portfolio company. Students at Rithm have helped build a user sign up flow and backend tracking system for an ambassador/referral program that enables users to become brand ambassadors and refer their networks to The Relish’s products.

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