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Upskill, Reskill & Onboarding Curriculum


Rithm School’s highly vetted course content is now available to corporate clients that are looking for vendors to Upskill, Reskill and/or Scale your existing workforce.

Our curriculum has been at the core of the digital transformation for many of the world’s leading technology companies.

We are based in the heart of San Francisco – one of the most competitive markets for the development of tech talent.
Born from this hyper competitive market, we have developed a class-leading curriculum that has unparalleled success for placement of graduates into the leading technology firms globally.

Increase your Engineering team’s velocity and efficiency by developing advanced technical skills. We have experience building curriculum for both new and experienced engineers. Rithm’s upskill curriculum improves individual and team productivity.

There is no end in sight for the tech talent crunch. Retain and nurture talent through skill set training for emerging roles in the digital economy. Rithm’s reskill curriculum develops digital mindsets, technical capabilities and accelerates digital transformation.

Rithm School also delivers onboarding for new employees. We have years of experience delivering training content and a lightweight, custom Learning Management System. Rithm’s onboarding curriculum helps get your new hires up to speed faster.

Rithm School believes in unlocking the potential of the individual and companies have realized that it is far more efficient and effective to reskill and train employees and we are here to support that mission.


Custom Curriculum / Content

We have years of experience building and delivering high-quality content, and would be happy to talk about developing courses to suit your specific needs.

Here is a sampling of the types of courses we have produced:

Full Stack Web Development
Full Stack 101:Python and Flask
Learn the foundations of web development. Build server-side applications in Python using the popular Flask web framework.
Full Stack 102:JSON APIs in Node
Build lightweight JSON APIs in Javascript using Node.js and the popular Express web framework.
Full Stack 103:Large-scale Django apps
Build lightweight JSON APIs in Javascript using Node.js and the popular Express web framework.
Modern Frontend Technologies
Frontend 101::Frontend Fundamentals
Build webpages using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Learn the fundamentals of JavaScript in order to start creating complex frontend apps.
Frontend 102:Introduction to React
Build modern frontend apps with React.js. Work with different JSON APIs to manage data and display it to users.
Frontend 103:Intermediate React
Learn about advanced state management techniques in React, as well as client-side routing and single-page applications.
Frontend 104:Introductory TypeScript
Learn how to add typing to JavaScript with TypeScript, a language that’s growing quickly in popularity and adoption.
Programming for Data Analytics and Backend Development
Python 101:Programming in Python
Learn the fundamentals of a language popular in data analytics and software engineering.
Python 201:Python for Data Analysis
Learn how to use Python to work with and analyze data sets.
Databases 101:SQL and PostgreSQL
Learn the basics of talking to databases, and dig deeper to learn more advanced SQL topics.
Databases 201:Data at Scale
Move past the basics of SQL and work with Relational and Non-Relational Databases like MongoDB and Redis.
Developer Tools and Technologies
Version Control 101:Git and GitHub
Get comfortable with popular tools for collaborating and sharing code.

Assessments are included throughout the curriculum that provide data for evaluating team member and program success. Don’t see a course you need? We’re always developing new curriculum; let’s talk.

Our Learning Management System

Rithm School has built a customizable, lightweight Learning Management System. This LMS enables Rithm School to deliver content for training, reskilling and onboarding to clients as synchronous or asynchronous experiences.
Companies license Rithm School existing content for training, reskilling and onboarding purposes. Rithm school can take any of its existing content and white label for the exclusive use of the client. This enables your team members to have a seamless experience while they are in training and/or onboarding.

This also enables Rithm School to create new content for you company and white label that content in your own LMS. You can add your own branding and cultural elements along with your custom course curriculum. Rithm School has already created complete training programs for companies based on the proven course curriculum of the school.

Meet your curriculum licensing partners

Rithm School leadership has years of experience in edtech. We’re a group of experienced educators and developers who love to teach as much as we love to code. After years mentoring students and writing curriculum, we know how to help companies succeed.

Colt Steele

Hi, I’m Colt! I’m the creator of the best-selling and highest-rated web development course on Udemy, and I help companies turn non-technical employees into developers and level up existing engineers. So far I’ve helped train over a million developers around the country and world.
I love all things coding, technical training, teaching, curriculum, content creation, and video production! If you or your company are looking to improve your internal trainings, grow your engineering team, or keep your employees up to date with the latest technologies, I’m the person to do it.

Elie Schoppik

I’m passionate about education and web development and have been teaching students in person and online for the past seven years. I’ve led educational teams for multiple coding schools and have supported course development for some of the most successful software engineering courses on Udemy. I’ve lectured at Wharton and MIT and have worked with multiple organizations to help support training and upskilling for staff.

I’ve experienced firsthand the professional and personal growth that comes with learning how to code, and I’m passionate about taking these skills and using them to transform corporations at scale.

Some of our happy clients

In addition to using our curriculum internally, we’ve also partnered with different organizations to offer curriculum licensing services. We’ve provided curriculum support to some of the most successful institutions in higher education and ed tech, including:

“We had the pleasure of working with Rithm School when we were building a brand new web development internship for college students.”

We had a short timeline to build the program, and were in need of both technical and pedagogical expertise. The folks at Rithm School, were the perfect partners to help us build our program.


They were able to provide valuable insights and project ideas from years of iterating on their own full-stack curriculum, and were generous in sharing resources and curriculum expertise. Without their help and guidance, we would not have been able to construct such a rigorous, engaging curriculum for our program.

Taylor Want, Head of Programs at CodePath

Apprenticeships and Internships

Rithm School has extensive experience training and preparing students for internship and apprenticeship roles and in addition to using our curriculum internally, we’ve also partnered with organizations such as Codepath to write and assist with developing curriculum for internships and apprenticeships. We’ve also trained dozens of students to find successful positions as interns and apprentices at the following companies:

Connect with us

Interested in working with us to train your current or future employees? We’re passionate about helping people excel in their software engineering careers, and would be happy to leverage our strengths to help your team grow and succeed.

Elie Schoppik

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