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Program Dates
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June 17, 2024
June 20, 2024
June 24, 2024
June 27, 2024
  • Joel B.
5:30-7:30PM PST

For students who need a little extra prep

Private Prep is a free taste of the Rithm experience: rigorous learning combined with a friendly and supportive community. Over the span of just two weeks, we will cover problem-solving and essential JavaScript topics for you to be successful in your future Rithm School experience. Our program is unlike other prep courses in that you will learn in a small, live class led by our full-time bootcamp’s lead instructors and receive actual code review. Did we mention it’s free?!


This program is best suited for students who need to put the finishing touches on their pre-bootcamp self learning. 

Get up and running in two weeks

Problem solving and algorithms

Solve difficult problems by developing a solid problem-solving process. Understand == vs. === in JavaScript and the differences between them, explore arrays and common array methods like splice, slice, push, pop, and more. Learn about three common types of loops: counter loops, for…of loops, and while loops, and learn when it’s best to use each one. End the evening with some problems to work on. We invite everyone to post their solutions in Slack for instructor feedback, and for a chance to read each other’s code, cheer each other on, and learn and collaborate.

Working with arrays, objects, and numbers

Move past the basics and master some of the trickier parts of JavaScript. We’ll discuss some more problem-solving techniques, then dive deep into strings, numbers, and objects, and talk about mutability/immutability. Learn about string operations such as length, indexOf, includes, slice, split, and more. Convert strings to numbers in multiple ways, and learn about the subtleties of NaN. We’ll also explore objects and object manipulation in depth: adding and accessing information, dot vs. bracket notation, comparing objects, checking for keys in objects, and looping over objects. You’ll get a few more practice problems to check your understanding with, and to submit for feedback and supportive collaboration.

Functions and debugging

Dive deeper into JavaScript functions and callbacks. Learn how to develop a thorough debugging process using the Chrome Developer Tools. We’ll examine the differences between reference errors, type errors, and syntax errors, and explore a little behind why JavaScript throws the errors it does. We’ll also practice with functions, discuss parameters and arguments, and dig into callback functions, including the built-in methods of forEach, map, and filter. As always there will be some coding challenges to practice with and we encourage you to share your work for feedback, cheering, collaboration, and conversation.

Nested data structures

Get comfortable working with nested data structures to store and fetch different pieces of data. We’ll review looping over both arrays and objects, and practice working with nested or multidimensional arrays, also known as matrices, and get comfortable writing nested loops. We’ll also be sure to discuss and practice using nested objects, and access and manipulate data within them. Finally, we’ll revisit the concept of references and types in JS, and how understanding these can help you compare and assign values accurately. At the end of the class, we’ll give you tips for further study and improvement, and talk about what students can expect when attending a full-time bootcamp like ours. You’ll also get one final coding challenge that much larger than the previous ones, with the opportunity to work together with your classmates if you’d like.

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Private Prep is a live class, taught by our full-time bootcamp’s lead instructors. You’ll have time to ask questions and interact with the instructors, plus have a chance to get feedback on your code. You’ll also meet and get to know other people at the same point in their coding journeys.

Once you apply to our full-time program, speak to our Admissions team, and pass our coding assessment, Private Prep may be the best next step for you! For some students it may be best to help them prepare for the interview process, while for others it is to close the gap before trying again.


In Private Prep, we’ll cover topics such as problem-solving strategies, string methods, array methods, numbers, objects and object manipulation, debugging and errors, and nested data structures. This is the perfect opportunity to get up to speed in a small, personalized learning environment.


We reserve our spots in Private Prep for prospective students who have applied to our full time program and are actively engaged our admissions process. To get started, you will need to submit an application to our full time program and speak with our admissions team who can answer any questions you might have. After that, you will need to pass our coding assessment. Once you’ve passed that, you will schedule a final interview for our full-time program. If you need to re-take it after your first attempt, Private Prep may be a great way to prepare. Or, if your target bootcamp is a few months in the future, Private Prep may be a helpful part of your admissions journey! 

We require attending all four evenings in a row to stay on track.

We cap our Private Prep program at 20 students.

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Don’t just take our word for it

Brenda Liu
Brenda Liu
Retail Merchandiser Turned Software Engineer
Rithm School Graduate - October 2022

Best place to transition industries! Overall, I am grateful for the knowledge and experience I gained during my time at Rithm School, and highly recommend the program to anyone interested in pursuing a career in software engineering.

Julie Han
Julie Han
Entrepreneur and Pharmacist turned Software Engineer
Rithm School Graduate - October 2022

Rithm School delivered on everything it promised: small classes, personalized attention, regular 1:1 meetings, knowledgeable and passionate instructors, positive learning environment, solid coursework and a TON of job assistance support during and after graduation. I learned so much, faster and better than I would have on my own. I gained a lot of confidence in my abilities. I made great friends with peers and alumni. And I was wonderfully prepared for my job interviews and ready to ace them, despite the current difficult job market. 

Nico Martinucci
Nico Martinucci
Transportation Program Manager turned Software Engineer
Rithm School Graduate - March 2023

I had such an incredible experience at Rithm. I was initially drawn to smaller class sizes (and the opportunity to learn a second back-end language, which proved VERY useful in the job search), and it did not disappoint. It’s equal parts rigorous, engaging, and dare I say fun. It’s clear that their focus is on you as the student, not on their graduation/employment stats or anything else superfluous – they’ve created an incredible formula where taking care of the former leads to the latter, and I’d go back in a heartbeat.

Ashley Mathew - Rithm School Student
Ashley Mathew
Pharmacist Turned Software Engineer
Rithm School Graduate - February 2023

Best decision I’ve made! I do a lot of research on Course Report and Reddit to help decide which school would debt he best fit for me. I’m so happy that I ended up choosing Rithm! A few of my favorite things are the M-F classes, the professional project, small class sizes, and daily code reviews. Overall I’m super happy with my decision and would recommend it to anyone that is on the fence!

Jessica Chen
Customer Service Specialist Turned Software Engineer at FloQast
Rithm School Graduate - 2021

The single best thing about Rithm is the instructors.  They’re super knowledgeable, patient, and willing to answer any question you have about the curriculum.  You’re matched with an instructor as your advisor, who you meet with every other week. You can definitely tell they are there to help you succeed, so never be shy about asking questions! 

1632465609368 (1)
Kat Huang
Nurse Turned Software Engineer II at Hinge Health
Rithm School Graduate - 2021

Rithm School was amazing! I loved the small class sizes, and their curriculum is solid. I’m a fan of how they try to keep up with industry standards with the materials they teach. Overall, it was a great program and it definitely prepared me well (especially with React) and landed me an awesome role after 3 months. 

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