Tuition options for all scenarios.

Join Rithm at an up front cost, pay only a deposit with our Deferred Tuition Model, or choose a hybrid plan.

With our Deferred Tuition Model, you pay back your tuition once you've landed a job making $60,000 or more.

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Financing Options

We offer a variety of financial options. Learn about our other payment and financing options to find the right one for you.

Upfront Tuition Ascent Funding Loan Hybrid Tuition Deferred Tuition
Deposit: $3,000
Tuition: $21,000
Credit card accepted
Deposit: $3,000
Tuition: $21,000
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Deposit: $3,000
Tuition: $10,500
17% of salary, payments over 1 year
Deposit: $3,000
17% of salary, payments over 2 years

You can also use an Ascent Funding Loan to finance up to $6,000 for living expenses. Learn more here.

Tuition can also be split into two or four installments with an additional fee of $500.

**Due to regulatory standards, deferred tuition is contingent on eligibility. and is not available in New York.

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How The Deferred Tuition Model Works

We're Invested in Your Success

We're focused on allowing you to learn new skills and land a job first and foremost. Start paying tuition only once you've secured a role earning at least $60,000 per year.

Tuition Payment Cap

Total tuition possible is capped at a maximum of $31,500. Alternatively, you may opt to pay a tuition of $21,000 up-front.

Payment Periods

After you’ve reached the minimum income threshold of $60,000, you’ll start paying back 17% percent of your monthly earned income over 24 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We work with Ascent Funding to help students finance their tuition.

  • Eligible students must be a resident of or hold asylum status in the USA.
  • Eligible students must not have any other active Income Share Agreements.
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to offer Income Share Agreements to residents of New York.

Upon admission, you will be invited to apply via email to complete your application. The application will only take a few minutes to complete, and your account will be up and running within one week.

Yes. You may satisfy your Deferred Tuition at any time by paying the payment cap, minus any payments you’ve already made.

Yes. You will still share your income according to the terms of the agreement.

You'll pay a percentage of your gross salary (before taxes).

The minimum income threshold is $60,000. If your income falls below $60,000, your payments will pause. Your payments will resume when your income increases above the threshold.

It depends. The tuition is tied to your income, so how much you pay will vary based on how much you're earning. Because the tuition is capped, the maximum you will ever pay is $31,500 or 1.5 times the tuition.

Monthly payments are calculated by applying your income share to your total monthly earned income. You will receive a monthly bill for this amount, and you can make your payments online, over the phone, or via mail.

You can take a look at an example agreement contract here.