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Outco provides four additional weeks of tech interview prep which includes resume building, whiteboarding, mock interview practice, and coursework on computer science fundamentals. Learn more about them here.

Slow Ventures

Rithm is funded by Slow Ventures, a venture capital firm with over 120 portfolio companies, for the purpose of helping these portfolio companies find engineering talent. During the course of the program, you'll have the opportunity to work on company projects and network with portfolio companies and their engineering and leadership teams. See some of the companies we work with here.

Job Readiness

Even for skilled developers, finding a new job can be a time consuming process. And if you're just starting in the industry, it’s essential that you have the skills needed to ace technical interviews: a deep understanding of fundamental computer science principles, along with an ability to effectively communicate and problem-solve under pressure. That’s why we’re excited to partner with Outco to provide you with a month of specialized outcomes support after 13 weeks of in-class learning at Rithm.

Through Outco, you will receive four weeks of interview prep evening classes at no additional cost. From 6-9pm on Monday through Thursday, you’ll hone your skills through mock interviews, whiteboarding practice, salary negotiation, and lessons on more advanced computer science topics. They have helped over 175 software engineers along their job search and bring that expertise to help you confidently secure the best possible role.

Hiring Partners

In order to help you apply the skills you'll learn at Outco, Rithm is also partnered with Slow Ventures, a venture capital firm with over 120 portfolio companies. Many of these companies are currently hiring engineers. Upon graduation, students will have the opportunity to showcase their final projects to prospective employers, including companies from the Slow Ventures network.

Job Guarantee

We strongly believe in accountability, both on our end and yours. If you do not find a job in web development, we will refund your tuition. You can learn more about the details of the guarantee here.

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