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Proven Results

Here's how Rithm School compares to other programs in the Bay Area:

School Number of Graduates Hired within 90 Days Hired within 180 Days Median Salary Percent Reporting Salary
Rithm School 38 73.68% 86.84% $110,000.00 86.84%
Hack Reactor 373 29.50% 53.60% $105,000.00 85.80%
App Academy No Data No Data No Data $105,000.00* No Data

But don't just take our word for it. You can also read reviews of our program on Course Report, SwitchUp, or Yelp.

Job Readiness

Even for skilled developers, finding a new job can be a time consuming process. If you're just starting in the industry, it’s essential you have the skills needed to ace technical interviews: a deep understanding of fundamental computer science principles, along with an ability to effectively communicate and problem-solve under pressure.

During your final weeks at Rithm, you’ll hone your skills through mock interviews, whiteboarding practice, salary negotiation, and lessons on more advanced computer science topics. Upon graduation, a dedicated career coach will support you throughout your job search with regular check ins, mentorship sessions and more.

Hiring Partners

In order to help you apply the technical interview skills you’ve learned, Rithm is also partnered with Slow Ventures, a venture capital firm with over 120 portfolio companies. Upon graduation, your career coach will help connect you to open opportunities at partner companies, including those in the Slow Ventures network.

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