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About The Program

What will I learn in the program?
How is the program structured?
Why JavaScript and Python Development?
Why is your program 18 weeks (unlike typical bootcamps which are 12 weeks)?
Why do you partner with Outco?
If I get in to Rithm, am I guaranteed acceptance into Outco?

Students & Culture

What kind of students will thrive at Rithm?
What backgrounds do students come from?
Bootcamps are intense. How do you prevent student burnout?
What’s a typical day like for a student?

What's Required

What is the full-time program commitment?
What is the prework? How much time will it take?
What kind of computer do I need for the program?
What is the policy on missing class due to illness or special events?
How long will it take me to get a job after graduation?

Financing Your Tuition

Are there loan options? Who do I talk to about student loans?
How much is tuition?
Do I have to pay for Outco separately?
When is tuition due?
What is the Separate Ways Clause?
How does the Job Guarantee work? Will my tuition be reimbursed if I don’t land a developer job?
Does Rithm offer financial aid?


How do I begin?
What is the application process?
Can I come visit?
What if I'm accepted and I don't finish the prework on time?

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