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The application process

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    Fill out the application below. You'll then be prompted to schedule a chat with our Admissions Team.
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    Prepare for the next step with our JavaScript prep course and then take a 30 minute timed coding challenge to ensure you've learned the fundamentals. Click Here for tips on how to take the coding challenge.
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    Looking for additional prep? Check out our Private Prep course.
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    Complete a technical interview, focused on problem-solving.

    Have questions about the interview? Check out our FAQ!

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    After the interview, we'll render a decision to admit or encourage you to continue studying and re-interview again.

application for our full-time immersive program

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Basic Information

Education and Work History

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Course Dates and Plans

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, In person

For more information on our tuition and payment options, click here.

All classes are delivered through live lectures, whether we are remote (via Zoom) or in person. As such, we require that all applicants live within 4 hours (ahead or behind) of the local time in San Francisco. Our program typically runs from around 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM Pacific Time, five days a week.