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BPPE Approval and Outcomes Numbers July 25, 2018

We’re ecstatic to report that Rithm School has been officially approved by the Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE). Since 2010, the BPPE has served a regulatory function in California, ensuring that postsecondary institutions are legitimate organizations that meet certain requirements in order to operate within the state. We’ve been working with the BPPE on our approval since our founding in 2016, and this approval shows that Rithm meets the standards for educational quality, integrity, financial stability, and rigor of curriculum as determined by the California agency.

As part of the BPPE approval process we will now be posting quarterly fact sheets with additional details on outcomes numbers as each future cohort reaches the three and six month mark. All of this information will be freely accessible from our outcomes page and FAQ.

At Rithm, we’ve always strived to be as transparent as possible with prospective students, current students, and alumni. To keep up with our commitment to transparency we have now released our outcomes numbers, which further prove that with small class sizes, industry experienced instructors, and real world projects, our students find success faster than any other bootcamp in the Bay Area. Our outcomes numbers support our model that students are our best asset, and we’re confident we’ll see these numbers staying high as we continue to grow partnerships and our alumni network.

In the table below, you'll find data on how many of our graduates have found full-time jobs (not including short term contracts) in technical positions (this includes web development, software engineering, technical product management, and sales engineering) within three or six months after graduation. We've also included median salary information for our graduates and a detailed series of questions and answers around the calculation of these numbers. You can read about it more in our FAQ

School Number of Graduates Graduation Rate On Time Hired within 90 Days Hired within 180 Days Median Salary Percent Reporting Salary
Rithm School 52 91.3% 76.92% 86.53% $115,000.00 86.53%
Hack Reactor1 282 78.3% 35.50% 68.30% $109,000.00 96.80%
App Academy No Data No Data No Data No Data $105,000.002 No Data

1 - Hack Reactor source

2 - Median salary for graduates starting cohorts in 2017 and accepting a full-time offer in San Francisco or New York City. 14.9% of graduates accepting a full-time offer from cohorts starting in 2017 were not included in the average salary calculation due to accepting an offer outside of San Francisco or New York City.

Written by Elie

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