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Software Engineering Careers Post Covid-19

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Jul 8, 2020

If you’re currently learning how to code, or have recently graduated from a bootcamp and are job searching, it’s natural to have anxiety surrounding hiring and retention in the software engineering industry. The spread of Covid-19 has undoubtedly turned everyone’s life upside down (here at Rithm, we had to quickly adjust our class to a live-over-Zoom delivery). Whether or not your employer is a software company, it depends on software.The nature of that software is always evolving, which is good news for the software engineering community. 


In the distant past, most internally developed software was engineered for strictly internal use – most commonly for data entry and retrieval.  Today, more companies are using software to engage with customers directly – allowing customers to place orders, request service, apply for loans, submit claims, view account status and more. Here are some trends we foresee building steam through the end of the year and in a post-Covid world:


  1. Pharmacies: Studies indicated that nearly 60 percent of all Americans took at least one prescription drug in 2012 and 15 percent took at least five. Most pharmacies are now offering both websites and apps for their customers to check in on their medications and co-pay amounts. A quick search on SimplyHired can give you insight into the hundreds of software engineering positions needing to be filled for pharmacy software across the country as of today.

  2. Financial Institutions: Online banking isn’t anything new, but many financial institutions are expanding their platforms to apply for loans 100% remotely. After introducing a self-service software product, digital platform Cognizant reported clients closed 20% more loans compared with offline channels in the same time period. 

3. Insurers: J.D. Power 2017 Auto Insurance found that customers who set up an account online with their insurer are twice as likely to complete the process of submitting incident photos through an app.  They are three times more likely to receive digital updates and three times more likely to report first notice of loss online. Many companies are catching on, and insurers have started offering apps for self-service claims submission. These apps make it possible for policyholders to describe the incident via text, voice or video and upload proof. 


While many Americans have struggled with keeping or finding new jobs during this period, the  outlook for software engineering jobs is still strong in 2020.  The longevity of your employment is also remaining steadfast. Findings from a Covid-19 survey via CareerExplorer show that about 20% of participants lost their job due to pandemic related circumstances, but that only 5% of software engineers made the same claim.


As reassuring as these numbers are, it’s understandable if you’re still feeling anxious. To try to alleviate the fears of students looking to take the next step in their software development career, Rithm School is offering (4) partial Covid-19 scholarships for their upcoming September 2020 Full-Time course. These four scholarships will be first come, first serve, and based on need and merit. Apply now to connect with us and learn more!

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