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R19: 100% Outcomes Within 4 Months Of Graduating

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Jul 13, 2021

Everything we do at Rithm School aims to take our independent and thoughtful students and turn them into confident and creative full-stack developers. For over four years, we have prepared and watched our graduates gain employment in the software engineering industry. In 2020, while facing the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, our students continued to put in hard work and secure their dream jobs. Our 19th cohort not only continued our outcomes streak, but blew it out of the water with 100% of job seekers securing full-time employment within 4 months of graduating.

100% of job seekers finding full-time employment may seem too good to be true – but we have fine-tuned our curriculum to complement our job search approach. Our 19th cohort put in the work, and it shows!

Rithm School Graduates are now working at New York Times Axon Nuna Inc Red Fin Fair Square Medicaire Better Help Adomni Carta

Before The Job Search

Students spend the first 10 weeks of our program learning new programming languages while working with partners and small groups regularly, working on a total of 5 different projects. The following 3 weeks are spent working on company projects, where we assign groups of students to a real-world, in-production software project for a 3 week internship. This experience on a live code base is invaluable to the job search – and we help you leverage it.  

Before you start your job search, we’ll help solidify your computer science knowledge. By this time you will have already done over 100 timed coding challenges covering essential problem solving techniques and patterns like recursion, frequency counters, multiple pointers, sliding window, divide and conquer, dynamic programming, and much more. You’ll review all of these strategies, including concepts like Big O Notation, data structures and algorithms.


Outcomes Week

As our students approach graduation, they will fine-tune their technical knowledge while shifting to the job search. Our Career Coach, Zach, takes over to deliver a rigorous outcomes curriculum including various mock interviews, lessons on soft skills, processing imposter syndrome, and the art of cold outreach and networking.  

Lectures will be focused on excelling in take-home challenges and on-site interviews, including trickier conceptual questions on systems design and architecture. Before you leave, we’ll start sending out your profile to our network of hiring partners in order to build momentum in your job search.

R19 Rithm School Placement Rate 100% Within 120 Days Within 90 Days 120,000 median salary 120k

After Graduation

Alumni still have our support network at their fingertips, indefinitely. Our alumni network has a dedicated Slack channel to continue coding together each day, and our Career Coach is available to meet with to tweak your approach if your job search is moving slowly, to motivate you, and to ultimately be your point-person when it comes to negotiating the best deal possible when accepting a position. 

As Claire Casey, an R19 alumni put it: “Two weeks at Rithm are dedicated to interviewing and applying for jobs, and I never felt alone in the job search process. Zach is so helpful throughout the entire process, from figuring out when to start applying to reading over your negotiation email.”


Curious to learn more about our outcomes? Check out more information here, or book a call with our Admissions Team here!

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