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Rithm School partners with professional engineering teams to provide our students with real-world experience during their time with us. This also helps partner companies execute important projects and product updates.

companies we've worked with

Course Report is a directory and review site for coding bootcamps around the world. It helps people find programs they're interested in, and choose from different schools based on many different factors. Students at Rithm have helped develop and test a number of features in this large Ruby on Rails codebase.

The UCSF Band Lab is working on a web application to help perform mental health assessments for patients. Students at Rithm have built this project from scratch, using technologies like Flask, React, Redux, and several third party APIs.

Tunelark makes educational games that help people improve their music skills. They've developed a variety of games to help teach different music concepts, from ear training to sight reading. Students at Rithm have contributed a number of features, including the development of a new game and displaying gameplay analytics for users.

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