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October 2021 Women’s Scholarship Fund

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Aug 18, 2021

We have seen the value in providing scholarships to highly motivated web development students over the course of our tenure. The first official scholarship we offered was in late 2016, where we awarded 50% of tuition costs to mission-driven individuals with a positive impact on their community. Since then we have offered many partial scholarships based on merit and need.


In March of 2017 we awarded partial scholarships to all women who were accepted to our third cohort. We were thrilled with the results of this scholarship initiative, as it resulted in a classroom comprised of 60% innovative and brilliant women. For our 6th cohort in 2018, we offered another round of scholarships for the first 3 women to enroll. Since then, we have partnered with Lesbians Who Tech each year for their Edie Windsor Scholarship. 

We have been wanting to do more, so we didn’t think twice about offering another round of scholarships for our upcoming October 2th cohort. We will be awarding a $4,000 scholarship to each of the first 3 women who are accepted to and enroll in our October 25th, 2021 course. (Unfortunately, this scholarship is unavailable for students with income share agreements).


Apply now for our October 25th class and set up a time to chat with our Admissions Team to discuss all your options. We look forward to meeting you!

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