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Five Tips to Get Into Rithm

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Jul 11, 2017

It’s no secret that getting into a coding school is highly competitive. The most common question I receive from potential students is, "What can I do to stand out during the admissions process?" Here at Rithm, we have a particularly tailored admissions process to snag one of our coveted 15 seats, which can undoubtedly be nerve-wracking when applying.

Fortunately, we have all the resources you need to make it through our admissions process. I’ve seen over a thousand applications and have compiled these tips to get your foot in the proverbial coding door:

1: Follow Through

Many students are surprised when I tell them the majority of applicants we meet don’t follow through with the entire admissions process. Your first step is to apply and complete all five steps that are outlined for you accordingly. Each step of the process is important, starting with your initial phone call with me. This is your first chance to show us that you are detail oriented and can follow instructions. Be thorough and thoughtful, it counts!

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2: Join the Community

Come in and say hello! We host a variety of free events that all are welcome to attend. These events are a great time to study with others, take in lectures and receive guidance from our instructors. On top of sprucing up your coding skills, you’ll get to know our staff and get a feel for our campus. Every fourth Friday we throw a happy hour with our partners at Outco that may or may not involve beer and pizza, too.

3: Work on Soft Skills

Soft skills are an often overlooked key component to professional success. The most important of all soft skills is a positive attitude, followed closely by communication skills, teamwork and critical observation. Our classrooms are a tight knit environment, where your soft skills will be put to use daily. Not only will adapting a positive attitude and refining your communication skills help with your admissions process to Rithm, it will continue to be beneficial when it’s time to start the job search post-graduation.

4: Study Every Day

I cannot express how important it is to build the strongest foundation possible. All too often I see students try to skip ahead into more advanced concepts to make a good impression during their technical interview. Taking the time to study each and every day will not only keep your momentum up, but will help develop your intuition for problem solving. Solidifying the fundamentals takes a lot of time and practice, so don’t fall behind and lose your ambition by taking week long breaks and forgetting what you’ve learned. Get started with our free courses – they cover everything you need.

5: Get Excited!

We can tell if you’re excited and passionate about coding. In fact, we love it when your face lights up when a new concept clicks! Don’t be shy about how determined or enthusiastic you are about making the life-changing decision to join a coding school. We’re excited to have you here, we want you to be too.

Our admissions decisions are tough to make, but a determined, kind and hardworking applicant will always catch our eye. The entire team here at Rithm is dedicated to jumpstarting your career in web development – so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions!

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