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Rithm School Computer Science Fundamentals with JavaScript

Welcome to Rithm’s free Computer Science fundamentals course! The material here will cover some basic algorithms and data structures in computer science. You’ll use JavaScript to implement different searching and sorting algorithms, and you’ll learn about linked lists, trees, and more. You’ll also learn how to compare the efficiency of different algorithms using big O notation. In order to be successful in this course, you will not only need to have prior experience writing JavaScript, but also with Git and GitHub so that you can fork and clone repositories and run tests locally.

If you want to learn more about Git and GitHub, head over to our Free Git and GitHub Course. You will also need to be comfortable with Object Oriented Programming in JavaScript, since we will be using that quite a bit to model data structures. To review this material, head over to our Advanced JavaScript Part I.

When you’re ready, get started with Complexity Analysis and Big O Notation.We’re around to help you if you get stuck, so be sure to reach out with any questions you might have. Good Luck!

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