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3 Best Online Coding Bootcamps 2023

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Jun 5, 2023

What Should You Consider When Choosing Your Coding Bootcamp?

How advanced is the curriculum? This might seem like an obvious thing to consider, but here’s the deal: not all bootcamp curricula are the same. It’s crucial to dig in and do some research, find out where the curriculum actually came from. Was it created in the heart of Silicon Valley or somewhere else entirely? Does it align with what tech companies are currently seeking in their hires, or does it teach outdated concepts?

Do you work on real-life projects? This factor holds significant weight when deciding which bootcamp to choose. We highly recommend selecting a bootcamp that offers hands-on experience with real-world, professional projects. This valuable opportunity not only allows you to gain tangible experience to include on your resume but also provides talking points during interviews, setting you apart from the average ‘bootcamp graduate’.

How big are the class sizes? This variable comes down to personal preference. Do you prefer a larger class size where you can blend in with the crowd and focus on completing your work independently? Or do you lean towards a smaller class size, allowing you to establish a strong system of support with your instructors and fellow students?

How much does it cost? Let’s be real, the tuition is a major factor when it comes to choosing a coding bootcamp. The top-notch ones can set you back anywhere from $30,000 to $40,000 in the end. So, it’s important to carefully consider what you can afford right now and how much you’re willing to invest in your future career.

What about the tuition options they offer? Building on the previous question, it’s crucial to delve into the payment options available. You’ll find that many coding bootcamps provide a deferred tuition option, which means you don’t have to pay anything until you secure your first job. We’ve written a longer blog post on this topic that you can check out here.

Do they have a prep school/program? Many bootcamps have a “prep school” to help you sharpen your coding skills before diving into the main program. Now, here’s the catch: some bootcamps charge for this program, while others don’t. So, it’s worth doing some research and keeping an eye out for this aspect.

Part-time or full-time? Here’s another factor that really depends on your personal preference. We usually recommend going for a full-time program, and we’ve outlined the reasons for that here. However, we understand that sometimes a full-time commitment might not be feasible. If part-time is your only option at the moment, it’s important to note that your choices for bootcamps might be more limited.

What do others say about the bootcamp? Yeah, we get it. Another obvious point! But we can’t emphasize enough how crucial genuine reviews are. There’s no better way to get a real sense of what the program is like than by hearing from previous students. We highly recommend checking out Course Report and SwitchUp as the go-to resources for coding bootcamp reviews.

3 Top-Rated Online Coding Bootcamps to Consider in 2023

Now that we’ve discussed what you should look for in a coding bootcamp, here are 3 of the top-rated online coding bootcamps in 2023. 

1. Rithm School
4.99 Rating on Course Report

Best Features: Small, personal class sizes. Hands-on, real-world projects. High graduation & placement rates.

Rithm School offers a remote full-time, 16-week, full stack web development immersion bootcamp. Their curriculum is centered around JavaScript and Python, and also covers PostgreSQL, Flask, Node, Express, React, Redux, and computer science fundamentals. Rithm School aims to help students to not only gain a deep understanding of the industry but also graduate with a portfolio of real-world projects in which they have been involved. Rithm School was founded in 2016 in San Francisco, California to provide access to a full-time accelerated learning program, with class sizes small enough to provide one-on-one instruction with instructors who have experience in both teaching and web development. 

The application process is multi-step, including an online application; a phone call with the Admissions team; a CodeSignal challenge; preparation for the technical interview using a free JavaScript prep course; and a behavioral interview portion to ensure you are not only going to succeed in the bootcamp, but also on your job search and in your career. Rithm School will notify students if they are accepted, or suggest more study and a repeat interview.

The final weeks of the Rithm School program involves job readiness preparation and real-time practice. Upon graduation, students receive mentorship from the Outcomes team who will help with connections to companies requiring tech skills, including open opportunities with partner companies, including Slow Ventures network.

You can learn more about Rithm School and apply here.

2. Springboard
4.63 Rating on Course Report

Best Features: Variety of curriculums available. Part-time and full-time program options. Less expensive than other options

Springboard is an online learning platform that prepares students for the tech industry’s most in-demand careers with comprehensive, mentor-led online programs in software engineering, data science, UI/UX design, cybersecurity, tech sales, and more. All Springboard courses are 100% online, remote, and self-paced throughout an average of 6-9 months. 

Springboard acts as a support system, coach, and cheerleader for working professionals who are ready to level-up or make a major career shift. Students have access to a unique community of industry mentors, thought leaders, and alumni, who are on hand to offer insights, networking opportunities, and support throughout the program and well past graduation. Every Springboard student is matched with a personal student advisor and industry mentor who guides them throughout the program through regular video calls.

To apply, applicants fill out an online form, take an aptitude test, then talk with a school representative about their background and motivations. For the data science career track a background in statistics and/or programming is required. For the UX career track, students should have academic or professional background in user design or development-oriented fields.

Before graduation, Springboard’s career services team supports students in their job search, helping prepare them for interviews and networking, and facilitates their transition into the tech industry. Springboard’s tuition-back guarantee allows students a six-month runway to land a job.

Springboard’s support does not end when students graduate. All graduates benefit from an extensive support network encompassing career services, 1:1 career coaching, networking tips, resume assistance, interview prep, and salary negotiation. Since Springboard was founded in 2013, 94% of eligible graduates secured a job within one year, earning an average salary increase of $26,000.

3. App Academy
4.67 Rating on Course Report

Best Features: Deferred tuition option. In-person and online options. 

Founded in 2012, App Academy is a global coding bootcamp with a focus on software engineering. App Academy offers programs that fit every learning style, including an In-Person Software Engineering Program (16 weeks), a Full-Time Online Software Engineering Program (24 weeks), and a Part-Time Online Software Engineering Program (52 weeks). App Academy alumni have found Software Engineering roles at a range of start-ups and top tech companies.

The App Academy curriculum for in-person covers fullstack Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, SQL, HTML, CSS, ReactJS, and Redux. App Academy’s online program covers SQL, JS, Python, HTML, and CSS, in addition to state-of-the-art tools and web frameworks like ReactJS, Express, Flask, and SQL Alchemy.  Working in a dynamic team environment, students will build complex web applications that will form the foundation of their portfolio. 

App Academy’s goal is to ensure students not only land a full-time SWE role, but also advance in their careers for years to come. Dedicated career coaches offer job search support ranging from mock technical/non-technical interviews and resume reviews, to connecting grads with App Academy’s vast employer network. Upon graduation, career coaches will guide students through their entire job search, from mock interviews to salary negotiation. From there, App Academy’s partnerships team connects graduates with some of the most prestigious tech companies in the industry.

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