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Full-time classes start November 6 and February 19 in San Francisco.

Small Class Size

Learn with 12-16 students and a 4:1 student-teacher ratio. All of our instructors have years of teaching and development experience.

Real World Projects

Graduate with a diverse portfolio. Along with your own projects, you'll work with venture-backed companies or contribute to open source.

We Share the Risk

Our program is challenging. If it isn't working out in the first six weeks, or if you don't find a job six months after graduating, we refund your tuition.

 Why Rithm? 

Extensive Support

Our dynamic curriculum allows you spend the majority of time in class coding individually or with peers. Instruction is offered in small groups or pairs to speed up the learning process.

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Why rithm

Competitive Portfolio

After spending a few weeks building a strong foundation as a developer, you’ll contribute to open source and/or partner company applications. Having experience working in established code bases is invaluable.

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Experienced Instructors

Great programmers aren’t always great teachers and great teachers aren’t always great programmers. At Rithm, our instructional staff is made up of three people who are phenomenal at both. Learn from experienced instructors who have taught hundreds of students how to code.

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Job Readiness

After three months of instruction, you’ll have another five weeks to prepare yourself for the job search. You will focus on behavioral and technical interview skills with daily mock interviews and classes on essential computer science topics like data structures and algorithms. Our partnership with Outco and network of hiring partners puts our graduates in excellent position to succeed quickly in the job search.

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