{ We're not just developers; we're a team of veteran educators. }

We're a group of experienced educators and developers who love to teach as much as we love to code. After years mentoring students and writing curriculum, we know how to help students succeed.

our staff

Elie Schoppik

Co-founder + Lead Instructor

Teaching Background   Developer Background

Before founding Rithm school, I was a Lead Instructor at two other web development bootcamps. Over the course of the last 4 years, I’ve helped support hundreds of students through full-time immersive programs. I’m passionate about writing curriculum and teaching through examples to make complex concepts easily accessible.

As a self-taught developer, I’ve experienced firsthand the professional and personal growth that comes with learning how to code. I started exploring web development and just haven’t stopped. I’m a sucker for new technologies, but JavaScript is my first love. I’ve had experience working on a number of development teams and co-founded a startup in 2012.

Tim Garcia

Co-founder + Lead Instructor

Teaching Background   Developer Background

I’ve loved working with students since my days as a Graduate Teaching Assistant at Georgia Tech. Computer Science is by far my favorite topic to lecture about, and I'm passionate about working with students one-on-one. I started teaching at coding bootcamps in 2013, and haven't looked back since. At Rithm, I’m excited that our small classes will allow more opportunities for me to collaborate with students.

I built my first website in middle school (circa 1996), and I took every computer science class I could get into after that. I ended up with a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in CompSci from UC Riverside and Georgia Tech. Right after school, I joined the development team at Amazon.com and spent five years there. By the time I left, I was the Lead Back End Developer for Kindle’s Cloud Reader and had interviewed over 150 developer candidates. After Amazon, I spent a year and half as CTO (Chief Technical Officer) at a small startup in San Francisco.

Matt Lane

Co-founder + Lead Instructor

Teaching Background   Developer Background

I’ve been involved in teaching and education for more than ten years. While a graduate student at UCLA I taught hundreds of budding engineers, and in 2015 I joined Galvanize as a Web Development Instructor. Working at Rithm is a great way for me to continue engaging with students and supporting them as they discover how the internet works. I also love bringing in my math background into the classroom - I have a Ph.D. from UCLA and a B.A. in mathematics from Princeton - and I'll eagerly go off on nerdy math tangents at every possible opportunity!

I wrote my first Python programs while in graduate school because my computer was much better at generating data for my dissertation than I was. I coded recreationally for a number of years and then moved gradually into a professional dev role in 2012. I spent three years as a front-end developer for Mathalicious, where I wrote thousands of lines of JavaScript to build interactive lesson materials for math teachers. In 2015 I joined Galvanize as a full-stack web development instructor, where I helped debug hundreds of student applications and taught students how to use Stack Overflow like champions.

Joel Burton

VP of Education

Teaching Background   Developer Background

While I studied Computer Science for my undergraduate degree, my first career was in teaching health education. I’ve been teaching application development for over 10 years, both independently and as part of academic programs. I led the development and teaching programs at Hackbright Academy, where I was the Vice President of Education and Chief Academic Officer.

I’ve been a software developer since the 1990s, focusing on security, big data, and web application engineering. Early in my career, I worked at Apple, then at Planned Parenthood, and had a career consulting on application development, focusing particularly on Python and open source web frameworks.

Nate Lipp


Teaching Background   Developer Background

Prior to coming to San Francisco I worked seven years as an English instructor and co-founder of an after-school academy in Seoul Korea. During these years I spent much of my free time learning to code and was always interested in different approaches for delivering technical content. I came to the Bay Area to be among the top lecturers in tech, first as an instructor at App Academy and later joining the Rithm team.

My first substantial coding experience came while building a website connecting ESL students with teachers online. We originally relied on a handful of SaaS platforms to handle things like scheduling and billing. I began to code out of curiosity and to rewrite the site with more advanced functionality. Eventually my focus switched entirely to building web applications in multiple languages and frameworks.

Brittiany Juravic

Teaching Assistant / Software Engineer

Teaching Background   Developer Background

In my role at Berkeley, I developed a curiosity and interest in the technical side of the program and began teaching myself JavaScript. I was hooked right away and several months later decided to make a career change and pivot to development- enter Rithm School! After completing the program, I jumped at the opportunity to become part of Rithm School’s team. I now spend each day working with students as a teaching assistant and really enjoy supporting them on their journey through the same program that was such an important part of my own journey.

I'm a graduate of Rithm’s full-stack web development program and a former higher education professional. Prior to Rithm, I spent 9 years working in higher education starting at a small art and design college in Florida (in a number of positions) and most recently at UC Berkeley where I managed a Federal Student Aid program.

Colt Steele

Guest Lecturer

I'm a web developer with a serious love for teaching. I've spent the last few years teaching hundreds of people to program at immersive bootcamp programs like General Assembly and Galvanize. Most recently I’ve moved my teaching online with the launch of The Web Developer Bootcamp, Udemy’s highest rated web development course.

Angelina Davis

Director of Admissions

Before Rithm, I spent nearly 2 years working in admissions at Hack Reactor. I recently joined the Rithm Team as their Admissions Manager, supporting students throughout the application and admissions process as they decide to take the leap into full-stack web development. I love working with students to help them meet their goals, and look forward to speaking with you!

Zach DeRossette

Career Coach

We spend so much of our lives at work, yet many of us don’t enjoy what we do. This is what motivated me to become a career coach. The road to a fulfilling career is filled with many obstacles, and often people give up along the way. I love supporting people through this challenging journey and watching them land their dream job. Before career coaching, I worked in HR hiring people, so I’m able to use that knowledge to help people get past the roadblocks associated with starting a new career. When I’m not at Rithm, I am teaching at San Francisco State mostly focusing on motivation and how companies hire employees.

Megan Lane

Operations and Events Associate

I have spent many years as a postpartum doula caring for families after they welcome a new baby. Now I help to welcome new students to the Rithm family! You can find me tidying and stocking the office, hosting events and generally bringing a supportive vibe to the office. When I am not managing things at Rithm you can find me caring for my toddler and baking cookies.


Dog in Residence

Whiskey is a dog. She likes tennis balls, cuddling, raspberry pies, and raspberry pis.