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Student Interview: Andrew Mundy

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Mar 23, 2017

Andrew Mundy is a late twenty-something somehow living in beautiful San Francisco. He likes bikes, jazz, and his gin martini stirred, with a twist. You can catch him in the wild either basking in Dolores or frequenting local watering holes.

Andrew is also a student in Rithm School’s current full-time web development program. Here, Andrew talks about his experience thus far and what to expect from the bootcamp experience.

So you’re building your first project, what are you working on? What technologies are you using?

Right, this is our first project week, and I’m super excited to finally get started on a project that combines all of the really fun mind-bending material that we’ve been implementing up until now. I am developing a full-stack web application called Bartindre utilizing Python, JavaScript, CSS, and Postgres. Bartindre is an app for people to create, share, rate, and keep their favorite cocktail recipes.

While we do have an entire week to work on this project, I would have to say the best part about this situation is that the instructors are around during that process. I’ve been able to get some serious time with several of my instructors and hammer home some ideas that otherwise may have only remained conceptual, or a little too far of a stretch to grasp on my own. Honestly, it’s as easy as making a funny face in the direction of one of the instructors.

“What’s up?” Matt asks.
“Hmmmmm I don’t know yet,” I typically respond.

You’re six weeks in. What’s your experience at Rithm been like so far?

Whoa! Has it already been six weeks?! Well, if you can imagine, it’s like a fast and wild rollercoaster and also the full immersion of moving to a country to learn a language. Rithm has been like riding the Kingda Ka full speed through Spain. Taking in more information than you ever have and eating way too much paella. Paella being knowledge, of course, right?

Is being in a bootcamp what you expected? In what ways?

I expected Rithm to be challenging. Did I think it would be one of the most exciting and difficult things I’ve ever undertaken? No, but I see the light. It is bright and getting closer.

What I didn’t expect were all the field trips! Rolling up to OpenTable or Twilio and interacting with real devs in the industry has been a blast. Middle school nostalgia meets professional connections and insight? Real cool.

What would you share with anyone considering Rithm’s 4-month program?

Honestly, if you’re considering Rithm or another bootcamp, you’re probably ready for a change. Perhaps just as ready as I was. Don’t let this feeling pass you by, do yourself a favor and contact these guys. Send an email, attend a free class, chit chat about life, whatever. Oh and Codewars, do a lot of Codewars.

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