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Staff Spotlight – Megan Lane, Operations & Events Associate

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Sep 11, 2018

Meg Lane, our operations and events extraordinaire, has her thumbprint on every square inch of Rithm School’s financial district office. You can thank her keeping up our office space (and for our awesome tiki-themed kitchen decor!), running all of our free events, and most recently taking over all of our alumni activities. Here we learn a little bit more about Meg, her role on the team and what sweet treats she may have hidden around the office.

Megan Lane Headshot

Can you tell us about your role at Rithm and how you support students?

I work as the Office and Events Associate at Rithm, which basically means I keep the office stocked with everything staff and students may need, as well as hosting weekly events where we open our doors to the public to learn more about programming. I also support the students by assisting with the job search during the outcomes portion of our program. The students would say the best way I support them is by keeping them supplied with snacks

Tell us about yourself! Maybe 3 fun facts?

  1. I enjoy hate-watching The Bachelor.
  2. I have a serious sweet tooth (if you look for them you may find peanut M&M’s hidden around the office).
  3. I am a mom to a little boy who occasionally makes appearances in the office, as well as mom to Whiskey, the office dog.

How did your previous experience lead you to Rithm?

After finishing my degree in Anthropology I became a certified postpartum doula. For eight years I supported parents in transitioning to their new role, and educated them on how to care for their newborn. While I loved caring for families, most of the work was overnight work, which became more and more challenging with time. I was looking to transition into a role with more typical hours when an opportunity at Rithm presented itself. So I switched from supporting parents to supporting students as they transitioned into their new role as developers!

What do you enjoy most about doing events & operations work?

I really enjoy meeting prospective students at our events and encouraging them to dive into a coding career. I also enjoy making the office a warm and inviting place where everyone feels comfortable.

Staff photo

Why are coding schools a good choice for prospective developers?

Coding schools are such a great choice for those wanting to pivot from their current careers. Rithm is able to give prospective developers the knowledge and skills they need to quickly become valuable engineers in all kinds of technical roles.

What advice would you give someone who’s just starting out on their coding journey?

Be sure to brush up on your soft skills! Specifically, do your dishes!

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