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Staff Spotlight: Angelina Davis, Admissions Manager

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May 2, 2017

Angelina Davis has recently joined the Rithm Team as our Admissions Manager, supporting students throughout the application and admissions process as they decide to take the leap into full-stack web development. Here we learn a little bit more about Angelina, her role on the team and the secret to her guacamole recipe.

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Can you tell us about your role at Rithm and how you support students?

I just joined Rithm School as their Admissions Manager and I’m super excited about it! I’m any prospective student’s point of contact from their first question about our courses to their first day of class. If you have a question, I’ll have the answer.

Tell us about yourself! Maybe 3 fun facts?

  1. I’ve never done a cartwheel!
  2. I’ve lived in Oakland for 7+ years and was in San Francisco for 4 years before that.
  3. I think that tomatoes in guacamole are a travesty (I add pepitas).

How did your previous experience lead you to Rithm?

While eclectic, my past experience has set me up perfectly to join the Rithm Team. I have a mix of customer service, management and marketing work under my belt. I also spent the past two years at Hack Reactor, where I really got to dive into the coding school industry.

What do you enjoy most about doing admissions work?

Seeing everyone’s hard work pay off! There is something uniquely satisfying watching someone you guided through the admissions process succeed.

Why are coding schools a good choice for prospective developers?

Coding schools are a great choice for anyone who is considering becoming a professional developer. I believe that education is evolving away from traditional 4 year degrees. Coding schools are the product of a need for a more efficient process. It’s not an easy journey, but attending a great coding school will definitely be a positive, fruitful, and life changing experience.

What advice would you give someone who’s just starting out on their coding journey?

Study and practice as much as you can in your free time! There are a ton of free resources out there, but our team has put together the essential one-stop-shop for free courses you can take to self-study. Also find some friends to code with, Meetup is a great resource.

Interested in chatting with Angelina and learning more about Rithm? Schedule a meeting and she’ll be happy to help.

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