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Apr 8, 2020

San Francisco residents are fortunate enough to live in the middle of one of the most dynamic tech landscapes in the world. There you can find people with top technical skills that land amazing jobs and command top salaries, and all it takes is a few months of training to get started on the same path. Coding bootcamps such as San Francisco’s Rithm School aim to make a tech education accessible to anyone who wants to get one. (Link to original post).

Our guide examines Rithm School’s coding bootcamp and prep courses, so you know what to expect and whether the school is a good fit for your interests and schedule. We look at the campus, course offerings, costs, payment options, and close with a look at student outcomes.

School Overview

Rithm School’s three founders all have experience with acquiring training at coding bootcamps, and they wanted to develop a school that addressed some of the issues they encountered in their own studies. The school restricts their class sizes to allow students to get one-on-one time with instructors, which aids them in their studies and encourages course completion.

An adorable dog

Whiskey, Rithm’s campus dog.

Rithm School is located at 500 Sansome St in San Francisco. The school is in the middle of downtown’s Financial District and is walking distance from parking, shopping, and public transit.


The Rithm School Bootcamp

Rithm School offers a developer bootcamp course that meets in person on campus. Students get to work on real-world projects to help them build a portfolio. Graduates leave the school with experience in a wide range of developer topics.

The school’s bootcamp is a 16-week course that gives students training in popular developer disciplines and subjects. The school caps all of its classes at 18 people, giving students a six-to-one student to teach ratio, providing a more intimate setting for personalized learning. Classes run from 9–5, Monday through Friday.

  • Weeks 1 and 2—Intermediate front-end development; topics include intermediate and advanced JavaScript.
  • Weeks 3 through 5—Full-stack web development; subjects featured include Python, SQL, and Flask.
  • Weeks 6 through 10—Single-page applications with React and Node.js; topics include Nide, Express.js, React.js, and Redux.
  • Weeks 11 through 13—Company projects; students work on actual business projects.
  • Weeks 14 through 16—Computer science and interview prep; topics include computer science fundamentals.


A Rithm School class

A Rithm School class having a good time.

Preparatory Courses

Prework subjects are free to study. Topics include:

  • Git and Github
  • UNIX and Terminal
  • CSS and HTML
  • CSS and bootstrap
  • JavaScript

Admissions Process

To reserve a spot in an upcoming class, students begin by filling out an online application and scheduling a call with the director of admissions. After passing a technical interview, students select a spot in their preferred class.

Finance Options

Rithm School charges a tuition of $24,000 for its developer bootcamp course. Students have multiple avenues through which to cover costs.

  • Payment upfront—Pay a lump sum without any additional charges.
  • Hybrid tuition—Deposit $1,000, half the tuition of $11,500 and pay 17% of your salary over the course of the next year after you land a full-time job making $60,000 or more.
  • Deferred tuition—Deposit $1,000, and arrange to pay 17% of your salary for two years once you land a full-time job making $60,000 or more.
  • Financing—Rithm School partners with Skills Fund to arrange for loans to cover school costs.


Rithm School reports top outcomes for its graduates. The school states that 71.7% of its students find industry jobs within three months after graduation and that 86.8% of them land jobs in their field within six months.


Rithm School offers a comprehensive and cutting-edge education for hopeful developers, and the school’s partnership with industry leaders allows their students to get real-world project experience. The hefty price tag may put this school out of reach of some budget-minded students, however.

If you have the funding and drive, Rithm’s coding bootcamp is an excellent option for picking up a world-class tech education in San Francisco.

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