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6 Tips To Push Through The Discomfort Of The Job Search

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Feb 17, 2021

There comes a point in the job search, when the initial optimism and enthusiasm has worn off and the job search starts to feel like an eternal grind. You have put a lot of work in, but haven’t experienced any of the benefits. You are very aware of how much effort and discomfort you have gone through, and it can feel like you have nothing to show for it. It’s tempting to stop pushing yourself and return to comfort. Here are six ways to keep pushing through the discomfort until you land a new job:

  1. Maintain a clear vision – Remind yourself why you are changing jobs in the first place. Why did you enroll in Rithm? Maybe it was to leave an unfulfilling job and to find more fulfilling work? Chances are you didn’t join for just a new job, but for a better life. Remind yourself of your “why” when you are feeling discouraged. 

  1. Setting realistic expectations – The job search is going to take longer than you want, and there will be times when you feel like your efforts aren’t leading to anything. Once you mentally and emotionally brace yourself for this, it becomes easier to handle. Know that this is a normal part of the experience, and you can stay on track by making a plan.


  1. Make a plan for dealing with days where you feel unmotivated- Motivation is inconsistent and only gets you so far. It’s easy to lose motivation when you can’t see the immediate rewards of your efforts. You must rely on your system instead. Figure out ahead of time where you are most likely to need help and make a plan ahead of time. If you know you are likely to procrastinate, make a plan ahead of time to reduce procrastination. If you know you are likely to work so intensely that you will burn out, make a plan to ensure you are taking enough breaks. 


  1. Create a system with process based goals –  Break the job search down into manageable pieces and create a system to work on every piece.  If you define success as getting a job, you will be disappointed throughout your entire job search. Success is following your system even when you don’t feel like it. 


  1. Support from others – It’s important to surround yourself with people who are cheering for your success. When you are having doubts about yourself and abilities, others can remind you of your potential. Find a group of people with similar interests and goals. You can always come to Rithm’s office hours, weekly happy hour, or find a group on your own. 


  1. Take breaks and enjoy life outside your computer – Don’t neglect your physical or mental health! There is more to life than just the job search. Find activities that give you energy and be sure to make time for them


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