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prepare for coding bootcamp

How to Prepare for a Coding Bootcamp

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Jul 15, 2023

prepare for coding bootcamp

Embarking on a coding bootcamp journey can be an exciting and transformative experience. 

Whether you’re a career changer or a recent graduate looking to enter the tech industry, a coding bootcamp can provide the skills and knowledge needed to kick-start your career as a software engineer. 

However, it’s essential to come prepared to make the most of this intensive learning opportunity.

So, what can you do?

We’ve put together this guide to walk you through the steps you need to take to prepare for a coding bootcamp effectively.

From setting goals and building a solid foundation to familiarizing yourself with programming concepts and optimizing your learning process, we’ll provide tips and tricks to hit the ground running and maximize your coding bootcamp experience.

So, if you’re ready, let’s explore the key steps you can take to prepare yourself for success.

1. Attend Free Events

Don’t we all just love taking advantage of resources without breaking the bank? If you do, then a great place to start is to take advantage of free events offered by bootcamp providers. 

Though these online events may not come with fancy canapés, the skills building workshops, info sessions, and ask alumni events offered by many coding bootcamps can provide valuable insights and help you make informed decisions about your coding journey.

Explore The Possibilities With Information Sessions

Attending information sessions hosted by coding bootcamps can help you understand the program’s alignment with your goals. 

These sessions provide an overview of the curriculum, teaching methodologies, and career support services. They also provide you with an opportunity to interact with instructors and admissions staff to ask questions and get a feel for the learning environment.

It’s a perfect opportunity for getting a headstart on the learning content before the bootcamp!

Ask Alumni Events: Learn from Those Who’ve Been There

Another great free event you can check out is an ‘Ask Alumni’ events. 

At Rithm’s Alumni AMA, you can connect with Rithm School graduates and learn from their experiences. These events feature panel discussions where you can engage with former students. You will gain insights into the curriculum, challenges, and career outcomes, and get a deeper dive into how the bootcamp helped alumni secure positions in the industry.

Hearing these first-hand experiences can give you that insight into exactly what to expect before you begin, allowing you to set more realistic expectations! 

By attending both information sessions and ‘Ask Alumni’ events, you’ll be several steps ahead in your expectation of what’s to come to help you make an informed decision that best suits your aspirations.

Check out Rithm’s events page to find all upcoming sessions you can get involved in!

2. Brush up on your Javascript and other skills

If you’re going to a coding bootcamp, you should be familiar with the basics, right?

But to get the best out of your experience, putting your best foot forward is essential, and that can be achieved by strengthening your programming skills before starting, particularly in JavaScript. 

Here’s how you can effectively brush up on your JavaScript knowledge:

Assess Your JavaScript Proficiency

It may sound redundant, but evaluating your current understanding of JavaScript can help identify areas for improvement. Focus on essential concepts like variables, functions, conditionals, loops, and object-oriented programming so that you know where your strengths lie and which areas require additional training.

Utilize Our Free JavaScript Fundamentals Course

Again, we love a free resource. That’s why we’ve created free JavaScript Fundamentals courses on our site! 

These comprehensive resources cover essential JavaScript topics and range from introductory to intermediate courses. It’s an ideal way to solidify your JavaScript skills before interviewing for or starting the bootcamp.

Explore Relevant Technologies

JavaScript is one of, if not the most essential technologies for software engineers. However, other crucial technologies used in web development can help give you that running start. 

Expand your knowledge further by familiarizing yourself with HTML, CSS, Git, and popular frameworks like React or Node.js. This broader understanding will provide a strong foundation for the bootcamp and enable you to tackle more advanced concepts.

By brushing up on your JavaScript skills and exploring related technologies, you’ll enter the coding bootcamp with confidence and readiness. Remember to check out our free JavaScript Fundamentals course at Rithm School to enhance your JavaScript proficiency.

3.  Study for the technical interview

Preparing for the technical interview is crucial as it plays a significant role in your coding bootcamp journey. After all, dedicating time and effort to studying and sharpening your skills is essential to skyrocketing your chances for success, no matter which industry you venture into. 

That’s not to say interviews can’t be nerve-racking – they definitely can! However, if you prepare sufficiently, you should have less to worry about.

The technical interview assesses your knowledge of JavaScript fundamentals, problem-solving abilities, communication skills, and coachability. 

By investing time in studying and practicing, you’ll turn up to the interview ready and enhance your chances of success. 

To gain more insights into the importance of studying for the technical interview, read our full article on the subject here.

4. Prepare for the behavioral interview

At Rithm School, we have a behavioral interview portion in addition to the typical technical interview, which is given equal weight to the technical. 

The goal in evaluating prospective students through the behavioral interview is to allow us to stick by our ethical admissions promise – if we accept you into our program it is because we believe you will both complete the program AND successfully land a job after graduating.

Because of this, we know that technical skills are not all that it takes to land a job post bootcamp. 

What we need to see from each student joining our program is grit and perseverance (especially in a job market like today), communication and teamwork skills (essential to the bootcamp and being on the job), and a clear understanding that whoever joins us is passionately pursuing this new career (because it is a challenging journey ahead). 

While this part of the process if unique to Rithm School, it ensures the integrity of our commitment to the students who join our program and to the community at large! 

You can prepare by being clear on why you’re pursuing software engineering as a career, reviewing your career story thus far to find a clear thread and story, and mock interviewing so you come to your interview confident and present.

5. Read the reviews

When trying a new restaurant, you often check the reviews before committing (unless your sense of adventure is unmatched, then we wish you the best of luck!).

So why wouldn’t you take the same approach when deciding on a coding bootcamp? 

Reading reviews on platforms like Course Report, Reddit, and other online communities can provide valuable information and help you make an informed decision.

These platforms offer comprehensive reviews, discussions, and non-biased firsthand accounts of coding bootcamp experiences.

Course Report is a popular website that features detailed reviews and ratings of coding bootcamps. It provides insights into the curriculum, teaching quality, job placement assistance, and student experiences.

Reddit, on the other hand, offers a more immersive comparison experience. Engaging with the community allows you to ask questions, receive personalized advice, and learn from others’ experiences.

Remember that experiences may vary, so look for common review themes and patterns to gain a balanced understanding. By exploring reviews and engaging with communities, you can start to gather diverse perspectives that will aid your decision-making process. 

6. Apply!

Hopefully, this guide has given you some tips and tricks that’ll help you prepare for coding bootcamp.

All that’s left to do is apply!

Our application process is designed to be seamless and personalized, ensuring you receive the support and guidance you need.

When you apply to Rithm School, you can expect the following perks:

1:1 Assistance

We understand that applying to a coding bootcamp can feel overwhelming. That’s why we provide individualized help throughout the admissions process.

Our dedicated admissions team is here to answer your questions, address any concerns, and guide you every step of the way.

Personalized Communication

We value open and transparent communication with our prospective students. When you reach out to us, you’ll have the opportunity to chat directly with our team. 

Feel free to ask questions about tuition, the curriculum, financing options, or any other topic that matters to you. We’re here to provide the information you need to make an informed decision.

Streamlined Application

We’ve made our application process smoother than butter. Our online application is user-friendly and intuitive, allowing you to provide the necessary details efficiently. 

We want to ensure that applying to Rithm School is a stress-free experience, so you can focus on preparing for your coding journey.

To begin your coding adventure with Rithm School, start by visiting rithmschool.com/apply.  Take advantage of this opportunity to join our vibrant community of learners and passionate instructors. 

Apply now, and let’s unlock your full coding potential together!

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