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Our Updated Interview Process

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Jan 25, 2021

At Rithm, our goal is to make our admissions process fair, personalized, and informative, and over the past couple of years, we've seen that candidates have highly enjoyed our admissions process and interviews. At the same time, we've seen that our application process is longer than most, as it requires students to complete a large set of practice problems before interviewing. While this has been a helpful way for candidates to practice problem-solving, it has not always led to the most seamless interview process. In order to make it easier to interview at Rithm School, we're making a slight modification to our interview process.

What's changing

Instead of making our problem-solving practice mandatory, we will instead be shifting to having all applicants take a 30-minute timed coding challenge. The coding challenge will only cover topics from our JavaScript Fundamentals Course and will consist of two short problems. The goal of this assessment is not to give you tricky or convoluted problems, we just want to make sure you have a solid foundation on variables, data types, boolean logic, arrays, objects, and functions. This test can be taken at any time, you'll just need to make sure you have 30 minutes of uninterrupted time. We will be using CodeSignal as our platform for testing. You will be writing all of your code on CodeSignal and your goal will be to make sure that your function works for all of the example inputs we provide in the problem. 

The problems that we provided for practice are still available, you can find all of them in our prep course. On this page, you will find detailed instructions for how to work through these problems as well as solutions for each one. 

What this means for you

  • The practice problems are optional but highly encouraged. If you can solve all of the problems, you will be 100% prepared for the assessment.  
  • The test is mandatory. In order to continue with the admissions process and schedule a final technical interview, we will need you to complete this assessment. 
  • If you do not pass the assessment, we will encourage you to take a second one in two weeks and provide material for you to practice to ensure you'll be ready the second time. 
  • We will send you a link to the test once you have scheduled a call with our Director of Admissions.
  • We will also send two mock exams that you can take to get comfortable with the platform and make sure you're 100% ready.

Tips for excelling at the assessment

  • Make sure you're ready! It's essential that you practice your fundamentals before taking the assessment so that you are best prepared.
  • Make sure you are not distracted during the assessment! 
  • Take the mock exams that we provide! These mock exams will ensure that you are comfortable with the CodeSignal platform and that you're ready to take the assessment. 

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