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We train uniquely qualified junior devs

Rithm students are a unique blend of technical talent and impressive soft skills. Work with our Outcomes program to see if there’s a Rithm Graduate who’s a fit for your team.

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Our alumni thrive in high-powered environments

{ Graduates have found success in a variety of workplaces and team sizes }

We do more than your average bootcamp

{ More class time, more code time, just more }

Pair Programming
& Code Reviews

Our graduates receive over 100 hours of dedicated code reviews to ensure they're prepared to contribute day 1 on the job using best engineering practices. Our grads also participate in pair-programming from the onset of the course, which offers experience in collaboration, team workflow (including remote, distributed teams), and source control.

in Live Codebases

Through Rithm's Professional Projects, our students graduate with experience in contributing to live, production-level codebases. Our students receive feedback on professional source control best practices, participate in daily standups, and have a thorough understanding of how to work on professional engineering teams.

Mentorship by
Experienced Engineers

Our graduates attend synchronous, interactive, live lectures delivered by educators with years of engineering and teaching experience under their belts. Graduates receive instruction on the most up-to-date technologies, and our curriculum is updated regularly to ensure our graduates have the skills needed by employers.

We teach foundational & universal engineering skills

{ Empowering students to be successful across multiple technologies }

Languages, Frameworks, and Technologies currently in Rithm's curriculum

  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • TypeScript
  • Node.js
  • Flask
  • Express
  • PostgreSQL
  • React
  • Git
  • CSS3 & HTML5
  • Node Package Manager
  • Jest, Jasmine, & other testing frameworks

"There's a reason we hired from Rithm School."

"Allie got up to speed on our codebase much faster than other junior engineers, and it's clear she knew how to work with a dev team from day one."

- Todd Berman (CEO of EveryTeam and former VP Engineering at GitHub)

Hiring from Rithm is a safe bet

Our competitive admissions process is designed to look for motivated, hard-working, collaborative people who would be an asset to any company.

Our prework requirements and high technical interview standards mean that our students are destined for success from the day we admit them.

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