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entry level coders salary by state 2024

How Much Do Entry-Level Coders Make In Each State? Salary Guide By State 2024

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May 8, 2024

entry level coders salary by state 2024

You’ve put in the hard work, you’ve applied to hundreds of jobs, and 

Here’s the truth: Most bootcamp and CS grads can expect to get junior level roles after they graduate. 

And that’s okay! The point of your education is to give you a strong grasp of the skills you need to get your foot in the door of a new tech career.

So, what kind of salary can you expect to get once graduation from coding bootcamp or a computer science degree?

Well, that’s a loaded question for a few reasons. Mostly, because there are quite a few factors that go into determining the range of salary you can expect when first starting out as a first-time coder.

Here are the largest factors: 

  • Location: Even with remote working as prevalent as it is in 2024, the location of your job still matters when it comes to determining entry level coding salaries. This is because the cost of living can still vary dramatically depending where you are, and many employers take this into consideration when shelling out a salary. Employers in California will need to offer higher salaries than those in North Carolina, simply due to how much it costs to live there. 
  • Specialty: Another consideration when it comes to determining an entry level salary for a first time coder is specialty: front end, back end, or full stack development. Front end development involves creating the aspects of a website or app that users interact with, while back end development involves building the infrastructure that supports the front end behind the scenes. Full stack development combines these two focuses. Generally speaking, front end development roles tend to be easier to get for first time coders, and usually offer lower salaries compared to other roles within the field.
  • Experience: Funnily enough, experience still matters for first time software engineers. While you may not have traditional experience in the sense of a previous 9-5, there are other ways to prove your skillset, and in turn negotiate a higher salary. This can be anything from internships, to real-world project experience that we offer here at Rithm, or self-coded projects that you do in your own time. 
  • Type of company: Finally, the type of company that you’re applying to, and the industry it’s in can have a huge affect on the salary range offered. For example, a company in the tech industry is likely to value and reward software engineers more than a company in the construction industry. Additionally, start-up vs. corporate can play a big role in the value that a company places on an entry-level role. 

Taking all of these factors into consideration, the average Entry Level Software Engineer salary in the United States is $78,818 as of February 2024, according to Salary.com

Breaking that down by state, here is a list of average salaries* for entry-level coders based on where you live: 

  • Alaska is $85,991
  • Alabama is $72,410
  • Arkansas is $71,827
  • Arizona is $77,195
  • California is $86,937
  • Colorado is $79,630
  • Connecticut is $84,951
  • District of Columbia is $87,741
  • Delaware is $80,513
  • Florida is $74,878
  • Georgia is $76,480
  • Hawaii is $82,696
  • Iowa is $75,429
  • Idaho is $73,180
  • Illinois is $80,986
  • Indiana is $76,864
  • Kansas is $75,051
  • Kentucky is $74,168
  • Louisiana is $74,941
  • Massachusetts is $85,778
  • Maryland is $81,267
  • Maine is $75,981
  • Michigan is $78,171
  • Minnesota is $80,773
  • Missouri is $75,102
  • Mississippi is $70,290
  • Montana is $72,055
  • North Carolina is $75,666
  • North Dakota is $75,681
  • Nebraska is $73,955
  • New Hampshire is $79,859
  • New Jersey is $86,771
  • New Mexico is $72,702
  • Nevada is $79,670
  • New York is $84,107
  • Ohio is $77,303
  • Oklahoma is $72,876
  • Oregon is $79,244
  • Pennsylvania is $78,661
  • Rhode Island is $82,602
  • South Carolina is $74,413
  • South Dakota is $69,455
  • Tennessee is $72,458
  • Texas is $77,479
  • Utah is $74,579
  • Virginia is $78,346
  • Vermont is $75,902
  • Washington is $84,564
  • Wisconsin is $77,636
  • West Virginia is $70,974
  • Wyoming is $72,497

*This average is based on data collected in February 2024 from Salary.com. 

Here at Rithm School, we’re proud to say that our graduates have historically earned $20,000+ higher than average in their first-time role post graduation. 

Location-aside, coding bootcamp students who graduate from Rithm School can expect to earn an average $103,500 in their first job, based on data collected from students who graduated in the second half of 2022.

This is due to our extensive focus on job readiness & career support; including an advanced & highly relevant curriculum, real-life professional project experience, mock interview & career support, and 1:1 mentorship program—all designed to help you land the best possible job (and salary) post graduation.

Begin your entry level coding career with Rithm School

Are you interested in becoming a first-time software engineer? 

Rithm School is a highly regarded coding school known for its excellent results and success in helping students find jobs in the industry.

You can learn more about our bootcamp by visiting our Curriculum page, joining a live event, or using our application page to quickly apply. 

In the meantime, happy coding! 

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