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Part 1 - Text Files

For the first part of this exercise assume you have a file called students.txt which simply contains a bunch of student names, one name per line. Your goal is to write two functions:

  • add_student - accepts a parameter of first_name and writes to a file called students.txt.
  • find_student - accepts a parameter of first_name and returns the first student found


  1. Write the following additional functions:
    • update_student - accepts a parameter of first_name and new_name and updates first student found
    • remove_student - accepts a parameter of first_name and removes the student from the text file
  2. Add a unique id for each student so that you can find a student by their id instead of first name (which breaks if you have the same first name for multiple students)

Part 2 - CSV

For the next part of this exercise, you will be working with CSVs, so first create a file called users.csv and then work on the following two functions:

  • one that prints out all of the first and last names in the users.csv file
  • one that prompts us to enter a first and last name and adds it to the users.csv file.

For solutions to these exercises, click here.

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