{ Rithm School Python Fundamentals Part II. }

Welcome to Rithm's free Python fundamentals prep course! The material here will guide you through the basics of Python. You'll learn how to write Object Oriented code, use decorators, iterators, and generators to write cleaner code, and gather data from websites through web scraping and making server side requests. By the end of the course, you'll have a strong understanding of Python fundamentals and be able to start building web applications, begin your journey into data science, or even do some hardware hacking!

When you're ready, get started with Introduction to Object Oriented Programming. We’re around to help you if you get stuck, so be sure to reach out with any questions you might have. Good Luck!

1 Object Oriented Programming with Python 4 sections, 2 - 3 hours

2 File IO 3 sections, 2 - 3 hours

3 Generators, Iterators and Decorators 4 sections, 1 - 2 hours

4 Web Scraping and Server Side Requests 3 sections, 2 - 3 hours

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