{ Dictionary Exercises. }

Write the following Python code to do the following (Complete ALL of the following using dictionary comprehension)

  1. Given a list [("name", "Elie"), ("job", "Instructor")], create a dictionary that looks like this {'job': 'Instructor', 'name': 'Elie'} (the order does not matter).
  2. Given two lists ["CA", "NJ", "RI"] and ["California", "New Jersey", "Rhode Island"] return a dictionary that looks like this {'CA': 'California', 'NJ': 'New Jersey', 'RI': 'Rhode Island'}. You can research the zip method to help you.
  3. Create a dictionary with the key as a vowel in the alphabet and the value as 0. Your dictionary should look like this {'a': 0, 'e': 0, 'i': 0, 'o': 0, 'u': 0}. (Do not use the fromkeys method).
  4. Create a dictionary starting with the key of the position of the letter and the value as the letter in the alphabet. You should return something like this (Hint - use chr(65) to get the first letter):
{1: 'A',
 2: 'B',
 3: 'C',
 4: 'D',
 5: 'E',
 6: 'F',
 7: 'G',
 8: 'H',
 9: 'I',
 10: 'J',
 11: 'K',
 12: 'L',
 13: 'M',
 14: 'N',
 15: 'O',
 16: 'P',
 17: 'Q',
 18: 'R',
 19: 'S',
 20: 'T',
 21: 'U',
 22: 'V',
 23: 'W',
 24: 'X',
 25: 'Y',
 26: 'Z'}

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