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For this exercise we will be building a simple application where we will store a shopping list. You should use an array to store your items in the shopping list.

Our application should have the following routes:

  1. GET / - this should redirect to /items
  2. GET /items - this should render a list of shopping items.
  3. GET /items/new - this page should render a form where a user can add an item to their shopping list, with at least name and price attributes. When the form is submitted, the browser should make a POST request to /items.
  4. POST /items - this route should accept form data and add it to the shopping list.


Hint: you can solve these by looking ahead to RESTful Routing - the next lesson.

  1. GET /items/:id - this route should display a single item's name and price
  2. GET /items/:id/edit - this route should render a form where the user can update the name or price of the item, which sends a PATCH to /items/:id, or click an X to delete the item, sending a DELETE to /items/:id
  3. PATCH /items/:id - this route should accept edits to existing items.
  4. DELETE /items/:id - this route should allow you to delete a specific item from the array.

When you're ready, move on to RESTful Routing with Express


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