{ Introduction to Web Development. }


By the end of this chapter, you should be able to:

  • Define essential web development terms
  • Explain what web development is


Welcome to this web development fundamentals course!


When developing front-end or "browser" applications, there are only three technologies that can be used.

HTML - The markup on the page
CSS - The styling of the page
JavaScript - The behavior of the page

If you head to https://rithmschool.com/courses/introduction-to-web-development you will see that the HTML is the text on the page, the CSS is what makes the text different sizes, fonts and colors and JavaScript is what allows for the dynamic behavior when one of the sections is clicked.

When web pages are built strictly using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You can read more about static webpages here.


The purpose of a back-end language is to connect to a database for more permanent and secure data storage as well as to configure dynamic websites. You can read more about dynamic web pages here

Web Development

Different types of development

Software Engineer vs Web Developer

When you're ready, move on to Installing a Browser and Text Editor


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