{ How the Web Works Exercises. }

How The Web Works Exercise

Answer the following questions. Write out your answers in atext or markdown file.

  1. What is HTTP?
  2. What is a URL?
  3. What is TCP?
  4. What is IP?
  5. What is DNS?
  6. What is idempotent?
  7. What is a query string?
  8. What is a path or route?
  9. List four HTTP Verbs and their use cases.
  10. What is a client?
  11. What is a server?
  12. What is an HTTP request?
  13. What is an HTTP response?
  14. What is an HTTP header? Give a couple examples of request and response headers you have seen.
  15. What is REST?
  16. What is JSON?
  17. What happens when you type in "Hello World" in google.com and press enter?
  18. What does it mean when we say the web is "stateless"?
  19. What is curl?
  20. Make a GET request to the icanhazdadjoke API with curl to find all jokes involving the word "pirate." (your answer should be the curl command required).

For solutions to these questions, click here.

When you're ready, move on to Introduction to XHR and AJAX


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