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Welcome to Rithm's intermediate CSS and Bootstrap course! Once you've mastered the basics of CSS, this course will teach you about some more advanced CSS features, including transitions and animations. You'll also learn the basics of responsive design, which you can use to help make your site look good on a variety of screen sizes. Next, you'll learn about Twitter Bootstrap, a free library that will help you create good-looking sites as quickly as possible. Finally, you'll learn how to share your creations with the rest of the world by deploying your site to the world wide web!

When you're ready, git started with CSS Transforms. We’re around to help you if you get stuck, so be sure to reach out with any questions you might have. Good Luck!

1 Transitions, Transforms, and Animations 4 sections, 2 - 3 hours

2 Responsive Design 4 sections, 2 - 3 hours

3 Twitter Bootstrap 6 sections, 2 - 3 hours

4 Deploying Static Websites 5 sections, 2 - 3 hours

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