{ GitHub Exercises. }

Part I

Let's start by taking a bit of time to practice the git workflow below. It is so valuable to just practice this workflow a couple times, since you will most likely doing it professionally as well as in your individual projects and open source contributions. Here are some things to do.

  1. Create a local repository and add and commit some files
  2. Create a remote repository and push your code from the local repo to the remote
  3. Fork the repo https://github.com/rithmschool/git_practice - clone it and submit a pull request
  4. Create a new branch locally and push it to GitHub
  5. Submit a pull request with your new branch against the master branch on the git_practice repo.

Part II - Command Line Murder Mystery

If you have gone through our Terminal and UNIX course, take the time to combine your knowledge of the Terminal, Git, and GitHub to complete a murder mystery! You can find the exercises here. Fork and clone the repository and try to solve the mystery!

You can find the solutions here

When you're ready, move on to Checkout and Reset


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