{ Git Basics Exercises. }

Now that you have learned the basics of Git workflow, try running through this a couple of times on your own:

  1. Create a folder called learn_git_again.
  2. cd into the learn_git_again folder.
  3. Create a file called third.txt.
  4. Initialize an empty git repository.
  5. Add third.txt to the staging area.
  6. Commit with the message "adding third.txt".
  7. Check out your commit with git log.
  8. Create another file called fourth.txt.
  9. Add fourth.txt to the staging area.
  10. Commit with the message "adding fourth.txt"
  11. Remove the third.txt file
  12. Add this change to the staging area
  13. Commit with the message "removing third.txt"
  14. Check out your commits using git log
  15. Change your global setting to core.pager=cat - you can read more about that here.
  16. Write the command to list all of the global configurations for git on your machine. You can type git config --global to find out how to do this

You can find the solutions here

When you're ready, move on to GitHub Introduction


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