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Student Spotlight: Adele Landers October 17, 2017

Adele Landers is a current student at Rithm School who worked as a pharmacist for the past 6 years. She graduated from the University of Missouri-Kansas City as a Doctor of Pharmacy. The first time she dabbled with coding in middle school, she built a website to showcase her pet chickens! Outside of her rigorous hours at Rithm, she enjoys skiing, camping and reading.

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Tell us a bit about your background in programming and how you decided you want to become a professional web developer.

I didn’t have any background or prior experience with programming before Rithm. My roommate (who is a programmer) recommended that I start learning since I was unhappy with my job at the time. I took the Part-Time Rithm course to prepare me for the full-time, which was a really big help with the pre-work and getting my foundational knowledge down. It allowed me to feel more confident when I started the full-time, as well as transition back into "student" mode since I had been out of school for 8 years.

How did you decide that you wanted to transition away from being a pharmacist and attend a bootcamp?

I went into pharmacy because I love helping people. Unfortunately, now most retail pharmacies prioritize volume and not patient care. I found myself extremely stressed and unhappy at work. I wasn’t able to help patients like I wanted to because of the workload. I love learning new things and innovation and unfortunately pharmacy is not currently a field for either of those things. Programming is extremely exciting to me because new updates come out literally every day!

Is being in a bootcamp what you expected? In what ways?

The bootcamp is way better than I ever expected. I didn’t expect to fall in love with coding as much as I have! I love getting into the classroom every morning, it feels like another home. After a few months of coming here I really don’t want to stop. I love being challenged every day with algorithms and new concepts. The pace of learning is fast, but it makes it that much more addictive.

What is your dream project? How would you use your web development skills to contribute?

My dream job would be doing programming that helped healthcare professionals. The software and training applications that are used in most pharmacies are torturous. Even before coding I knew they were terrible, and now I REALLY know they are terrible. I would love to work for a company that was starting a revolution in the healthcare industry. Going to the pharmacy is a bad experience for a lot of people and for the pharmacist too! There are so many ways it could be improved with technology.

What would you share with anyone considering attending Rithm School?

Elie, Tim, and Matt are some of the best teachers I’ve ever had. I love Rithm because of them. There have been many concepts that seem daunting, but after they break them down for an hour I not only understand, but also feel excited about digging deeper and learning more. I love learning from each of them and seeing their dedication and passion for programming and teaching.

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