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Becoming a Self-Reliant Developer

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Apr 6, 2017

Part of being a strong developer means having the willingness and the drive to perpetually continue learning. In an ever-evolving industry where the rate of iteration and innovation is high, you will need the ability to teach yourself new conventions, design patterns, and technologies to stay relevant in a competitive marketplace.

Does this mean that as a newer coder you should opt for a self-directed program? Would a program with less oversight from instructors teach you to be a stronger and more self-reliant developer? My answer is: absolutely not.

The process of learning happens through creative problem-solving, and that doesn’t have to happen alone. Effective instruction happens when you have experienced developers sitting with students as they come to a working solution. This collaborative process helps students develop the ability to research and problem-solve without first going through hours of roadblocks and frustration.

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This kind of personalized attention is only possible in a small classroom setting. In my experience,when you have a larger class and fewer instructors, it either forces students to figure out problems themselves -and they don't always or correctly figure out an optimal solution – or instructors simply give students answers because they cannot spend time with students individually.

Here at Rithm, the team and I do all that we can to support our students as they learn how to think through obstacles and efficiently problem-solve. After three months with us, you will have the skillset to drive your own learning,something that we take special care to prepare you for.

It’s worth noting what you’re going to learn during your first year of working as a developer will vastly exceed what you will learn at a coding school, even Rithm. If you're in a professional environment that emphasizes mentorship, you won’t be left entirely to your own devices; you will have a team to collaborate with and a multitude of environmental support. What really matters to me as your boot camp instructor is that I do all that I can to help you build a strong foundation. When you get to that first job, you will be able to take advantage of the collaborative environment by continuing learn and grow.

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