It's 2020:
Where Are The Women In Tech?

We're kicking off 2020 with a free weekly 6-part event series catering to women that have yet to explore the world of technology and code!


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**We strongly recommend attending all 6 evenings in a row to stay on track.

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Alissa Renz

Teaching Background   Developer Background

I first began teaching English in 2008 while still an undergraduate at the University of Michigan. What began as tutoring incoming freshman on the finer points of the English language ultimately led to my first career as an instructor of English as a Second Language, during which I taught students in New York, Spain and Australia. In the past couple of years, I've reincorporated teaching into my life by serving as a mentor and Teaching Assistant with Girl Develop It. Now that I'm at Rithm, I'm thrilled to be pivoting back to teaching full-time on a topic I'm extremely passionate about.

Though I built my first website in 1998, I didn't fully transition to software engineering until 2014. Over the years, I've worked in both enterprise and startup environments, in frontend and full-stack roles, in-office and remotely, on teams ranging from 4 to 126 engineers. My most recent position was engineer #3 at a startup that married machine learning with social media advertising, where I took on the additional responsibilities of our AWS pipeline and data science engineering.

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