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Having the opportunity to connect with skilled engineers is one of the most impactful parts of the Rithm student experience. Often in one-on-one meetings, students have the chance to engage in questions about code, what it's like to work in the industry, and avenues of growth as a junior developer.

In order to build and maintain a strong mentorship network, we need strong mentors. Interested in helping out the next generation of exceptional developers? If this excites you, join us in an opportunity to shape the future of diverse tech talent!

Mentorship requires volunteers to:

  1. Engage in a live connection with your mentee at least once every three weeks (whether face-to-face over lunch, for coffee, at your company or even video chat).
  2. Intend to dedicate one hour a week to your mentee (via an in-person meeting, code review or email exchange).
  3. Be there to provide updates regularly to your mentee. A quick: "Hey! received your email". (We encourage 48-hour time frame for responses)

Mentors can expect to discuss a variety of topics, such as:

  • Code Review: Our developers ship code for real companies while learning at Rithm, and work with technologies including Python, Flask, JavaScript, React/Redux, and Node.js. Discussing code and problem solving is a great usage of time.
  • Career Development: Share your journey to becoming a developer, best practices you’ve learned while writing code and how you’ve continued to grow in your profession.
  • Professional Connections: Discuss your experiences working in industry, becoming a more thorough problem solver, and ways of finding affinity groups in the workplace and larger community.
  • Technical Coaching: Practice white-boarding or talking through sample exercises, answer questions on how to interact with your company’s API, or provide general advice on ways Rithm developers can improve their code.
  • Learning approaches: Whether from mistakes, other developers, open source tools, under pressure, or something else entirely, everyone has a different optimal learning strategy. Be willing to share what works best for you, as well as what you've seen working with others.

And remember, these topics and many more can be discussed in designated meet-ups or over email or whatever timing is deemed appropriate.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

I didn't attend a bootcamp, does that disqualify me from becoming a mentor?
Great question! We love for our students to have the opportunity to learn from developers from a variety of backgrounds, so the fact that you don't come from a bootcamp is welcomed.
You all are located in SF but my company is in the South Bay. Can I still mentor?
Another great question. Though logistics can make a difference, we welcome mentors from a variety of locations as our developers come from many locations across the Bay and may very well work in offices located in the South, East or North Bay.
How is communication handled between a mentor and mentee pertaining to meeting up or getting connected?
After filling-out the brief intake form below, we take time to properly match you with a student and facilitate the initial introduction and meeting. Going forward, we encourage setting up subsequent meetings at the close of your scheduled one-on-one.
What's the best way for me to sign up?
Glad you asked! Check out the "Get Started" link above :)