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By the end of this chapter, you should be able to:

  • Define next steps for continuing to learn web development
  • Continue your journey towards learning web development

Next Steps

Now that you have a solid understanding of web development fundamentals, it's time to build off of these skills and continue your web development journey! If you're interested in continuing with front-end development, we encourage you to continue learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript with our courses.

After you solidify your front-end fundamentals you will want to start becoming more familiar with essential web development tools like Terminal and Git. Once you have a solid understanding of how to use these tools, you can continue learning more advanced JavaScript and explore server side programming either with Node.js or Python. Best of all - you can learn all of this material on our website!

If you're interested in attending a coding bootcamp, we advise you to focus on learning JavaScript since that is the most commonly taught language and is essential to know for any kind of web development.

One last piece of advice

It's always exciting to learn new things, but one of the issues we see beginners frequently encounter is the overwhelming amount of technologies and resources to learn! Just when you get started with JavaScript, someone or something comes along and tells you to learn Python, or Ruby or Java or another language or technology!

While it is very tempting to learn a little bit of everything, we strongly encourage you to focus on one language and learn it well. Once you have a strong understanding of a single programming language, it becomes much easier to learn other ones, but if you do not have a solid fundamental understanding, you can easily get tripped up with syntax and confusion while trying to learn many different languages.

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