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Staff Spotlight - Jeremy Evans-Smith, Career Services Manager January 18, 2018

Jeremy Evans-Smith recently made the move from Oakland, to Michigan, then back to Oakland in a serendipitous series of events to join us as our Career Services Manager here at Rithm School. When he’s not busy setting up our new in-house outcomes program, he enjoys camping & wine tasting in the North Bay, dabbling in code, and curating Spotify playlists that everyone loves.

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Can you tell us about your role at Rithm and how you support students?

My role at Rithm School is Career Services Manager. I aim to shape the students in their non-technical and behavioral skills, further preparing them for next steps in the job hunting process. I creatively engage a variety of avenues to solidify skills in professional development, resume and written communication, networking etc. It's a lot of fun. Essentially, I help our students first articulate their professional goals, then reach them.

Tell us about yourself! Maybe 3 fun facts?

  1. I traveled to 7 different countries in 2017.
  2. ‎I’ve been toured around Dubai by chauffeur.
  3. My favorite football (soccer) team is Millwall FC in London.

How did your previous experience lead you to Rithm?

Prior to Rithm I worked in recruiting and before that in education. I'm passionate about creating pathways to the workplace that are more inclusive, and advocated for stronger processes and hiring practices in my previous roles. Now at Rithm, I plan on using my network, past experience and passion for empowering students to help take our grads to the next level in their career transition.

What do you enjoy most about doing career services work?

I love the opportunity to connect with people and problem solve. Whether it's our team, partner organizations or our students, there’s never a monotonous moment!

Why are coding schools a good choice for prospective developers?

Coding schools are quickly becoming the norm in both the tech industry and the educational system at large. Things are evolving away from needing to obtain a traditional 4 year degree to become a software engineer. Coding schools are the product of a need for a more efficient process. It’s not an easy journey, but attending a great bootcamp will definitely be a positive, fruitful, and life changing experience.

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What advice would you give someone who’s just starting out on their coding journey?

Take time to listen to yourself. Think of all the steps that have brought you to this point, whether it be your passions, network, community or previous industry, and ask yourself, "What value can I bring to an organization knowing X about myself?" Being confident in your skills and potential contributions will give you a leg up on the competition and help land you that dream job you’re searching for!

Written by Angelina Angelina

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